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My take before composing any image

This photo was taken in a gorgeous small pond near wetland paddy fields where there are all lotus flowers. ⁣⁣


Thanks to Shobi Ettan💚 @shobivdm for taking me to this magical place. ⁣⁣


When he told this little KF will come and sit on this gorgeous lotus buds and look for small fishes, I was very much excited. So I positioned myself in such a way that the light will fall on this cutie and the background will be loaded with magical colours(which is always my favourite and not a fan of changing the colour in PS/LR). I had to keep myself as low as possible(at least to my knee level in water) to get the dramatic background and no compromise 😁on eye level shot. We waited there for almost 2 hours for magical golden hours light and pose. ⁣⁣


So to get a desired frame, many things needed and once you see subject don't be in hurry even if you are much excited with the subject. Study the subject location and source of light(Important - always make sure you can use the maximum light to enhance the image) and be ready with your correct camera settings before the subject comes. Take some shots of the place and and check how the frames looks and the final key thing is "wait" for that desired moment.⁣⁣


So with this little things, you can easily make the frames of your own that you will always cherish 💚.⁣⁣


I couldn't ask "Mother Nature" anything better than this.. Thanks to each and everyone who always support me encourage me and special thanks to those people who are waiting for my pictures🤩. That making me to go such level and put my 100% efforts to get such frames.⁣⁣

Photo of the common kingfisher
Lotus Kingfisher😁

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