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Endemic Gem in perfect pose

Me & Danish were in Munnar on a mission 🎯to get some endemic beauties and some other gorgeous birds. We went ahead to Munnar outskirts and started searching 👀for this beauty🐦. As this is endemic to there(shola forests) and it can be seen in outskirts or any forest patches. But getting them in the right frame and perfect pose is the most challenging part😁. This bird is very active on the ground so we need to wait a lot to see them in perch. And another challenge is, if they perched the background and light will not be good😅. ⁣

In this first photo, the way this cutie poses, I loved it. If there is no chance for such frames/poses then I don't press my shutter at all. In the second frame you can see how it got the name "White-bellied blue robin". So whenever I click some bird photos I want to make sure it is giving justice to the bird and show all the beauty that nature has given to them.⁣

Thanks to dear Danish❤️ @danish_trogon for helping me to get the perfect frame.⁣

I hope you all liked it. Unfortunately this species is vulnerable.⁣

Share it with your friends so others can enjoy it.⁣

The white-bellied blue robin (Sholicola albiventris) or white-bellied sholakili, is a bird of the family Muscicapidae. It is endemic to the Shola forests of the higher hills of southern India.

Photo of the white-bellied blue robin
White-bellied blue robin

Photo of the white-bellied blue robin
Look at the belly part, thats is how it got name.

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