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I am Sujeesh Aryan - A techie by profession and a photographer by passion with a desire to provide a platform for the younger generations to explore and experience nature the way I did through the eyes of my camera.



Being lucky to have grown up in a traditional kerala-style tharavadu surrounded by numerous trees, it was as if nature had already planned my future.  The mystic kavus or sacred grooves, the majestic fauna inhabiting the seasoned trees, the traditional heritage of my centuries old ancestral home- all played a role in developing my interest in photography. As I began to travel, the varied creations in nature began to amaze me.  What started as a hobby to freeze the precious memories, slowly became a passion. 



My first shot was through a camera borrowed from a friend. Quite naturally, my first salary was spent on buying a decent camera for myself. Once I had my own camera, explorations and capturing became a routine. Slowly I began to notice the amazing diversity among the avian life forms while on such explorations. I began studying the birds around me and thus was born my interest in bird photography. I was lucky to find a life partner who shared the same interests as mine. The joy of my explorations has doubled since marriage. My wife Divya always accompanies me on my trips and is actually better at spotting the fauna than me. 



Nature is a great teacher and the best way to learn from her is to be with her. 
The joy of running behind squirrels and butterflies as a child is something that I still cherish. I wish to provide such opportunities to the younger generation too, so that they also have the privileges that many of us would have had in our childhood.


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