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Whistling Schoolboy

Some frames come from the quick reaction of the situation.

Thanks to Hadlee ❤️ @hadlee_renjith for the wonderful evening that day.

Me & Hadlee went to one of the small trek point near Munnar town. We took a shortcut and the road was pretty bad for my Sedan..But the driving expertise of Hadlee, my car was obedient and went smoothly there. Some point I thought it was like a sports car😁 after seeing the way he was driving in that tea estate curvy stretch.

So, after trekking around, 6:00 pm we reached the point where the car was parked. Thought I would walk a bit due to the road conditions and that can give some relief to suspensions .. While standing near to the car, I saw this beauty on the ground. At that point, I knew there was no scope of a good shot and also my camera was in the Car. So I was looking around if there was any way I could get this gorgeous bird on an open perch. That moment I noticed the perch which you see in this photo and my inner mind was saying this may sit in there..

I quickly went back to take the same and told Hadlee not to start as the sound may distract this bird quickly.. So after taking the camera, I was approaching slowly towards the bird .. The moment it saw me walking, suddenly flew but where😁 the same perch where I was expecting and looked at me like "Take my photo now😍"..My shutter was on fire 🔫. And got a couple of shots with the lovely background.

Moral of the story is, many times you have to react quickly and plan the possibilities in such situations to receive the blessing from Nature. This all happened in seconds

Photo  of the Malabar whistling thrush is a whistling thrush in the family Muscicapidae.
Malabar whistling thrush

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