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Story behind the shot of "Blue-eared kingfisher⁣"

Me & Shakti( IG ~ @andaman_boy) was on the way for our evening & night owl session at South Andaman. Before night session, we were looking some wetland birds and while we are on the car, something came to my mind that "Blue-eared kingfisher"(The beauty, which I was looking after missed the shot in Thattekkad) is flying nearby.. I've asked to stop the vehicle and we came out of looking. Shakti found some flycatcher's and he was walking ahead and me started looking that KF. ⁣

Suddenly my eyes got stuck in something(second photo here)and at the same time Shakti was asking me, did you see that or not.. I said am on it😍.. It was not at all clean shot as you see, but that moment God came as in the form of "White-throated kingfisher" and chasing this little fellow for territory clash 😁.. ⁣

He flew from there and settled in another clean perch that you see in my first photo. The moment Nature 💚blessed 💚🙏 me and able to click some wonderful shots..

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